Birds Eye View and Breakfast

Whilst in Orlando we took some time before visiting Disney to go on the Orlando Eye. For  those that don’t know, Orlando has a smaller version of the London Eye. It took 23 minutes to go round, enabling us to see sights such as Disney, Sea World as well as the rest of Orlando.


P1070016 (1)

It’s inevitable that I was going to come home and write about the best place in America. Cracker Barrel. Just look at it. Look at those pancakes.

Cracker Barrel is a place we have to return too whenever we want to go out for breakfast whilst we are away. Everybody’s favourite to order is the “Momma’s Pancakes Breakfast’ which is your choice of sausage or bacon, eggs and 3 of the most beautiful buttermilk pancakes. If you happen to be in the US and see a Cracker Barrel, just go and don’t think twice!


Take a look at the video I made from this trip to Florida –


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