Welcome To Miami

Both mine and Charlotte‘s family decided that since our last trip to Florida two years ago, that we should do it all over again! I’ve recently got back from our trip where we visited Miami for 2 days, then drove to Orlando for 9 days, to later return to Miami at the end of the trip for a further 3 days. We decided to do the trip this way as Miami was our ‘chill’ time either side of the busy Orlando period we were planning on having in the middle.



We stayed at the Fontainebleau hotel, which is a grand and rather expensive hotel. The Ferrari’s and Rolls Royce’s parked outside instantly hinted to us that we were out of place. Although the hotel’s interior was beautiful, we visited Soho Beach House next door and wished we had booked to stay there instead. Their hotel is flawless and I can totally see why so many celebrities stay there.

P1070452 (1).jpg



Miami as a place totally baffled me. We saw some pretty weird sights (including a lemur on a bike wearing jeans and a nappy). When you hear the word Miami, you instantly think of the rich and famous right? Well, not so much. Of course there are areas where big celebrities live with their flashy yachts and their Lamborghini’s parked outside, with the beach on their doorstep. As soon as you get away from the Miami Beach area, it seemed much more ran down to me.

If anyone is to visit Miami for a holiday, I certainly recommend spending your time at the beach as I personally think that it is the best part of Miami. Also if clubbing is not your scene, or you are under 21, trust me the beach is the BEST place. They have the nicest beach I have ever seen.


P1070467 (1)


P1070512 (1)


One thing I did notice was Miami is all about the money. There is always extra charges for things here and there, you’ve got be careful that you do not get ripped off. One evening we ate at Ocean Drive and for the quality of the meal we received, the price was extortionate!

Whilst we were in Miami, we did a few trips to see some of the iconic places. Our first trip was to The Everglades to go on an air boat and see some gators. The air boat was so much fun as you hit high speeds over the water, stopping at certain spots to try and locate some alligators. We even got the chance to hold a baby alligator ourselves!



We did an open bus tour of Miami where we visited Coconut Grove and Little Havana. This was followed by a boat trip which took us along Millionaire’s Row to see some incredible houses which belong to the rich and famous.

P1070303 (1)



Our final trip was a VERY long drive down to the Florida Keys. We travelled over multiple bridges which has amazing views of the clear blue sea and ended up in a small town at the end. It reminded me of one of the sea towns back at home, but with a much more beautiful harbour and array of boats. We even got to see a manatee!


P1070380 (1)


P1070321 (1)


P1070440 (1)

P1070345 (1)

P1070434 (1)

P1070404 (1)

Take a look at the video I made from this trip to Florida –






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