Urban Decay’s Naked Palette 2

Obviously when in America I can’t buy Naked and not get Naked 2! I basically went a bit mad in Sephora and decided to throw both in my basket, as we all know, they’re a necessity!


The packaging for Naked 2 is SO much better than Naked as it is in a metal tin that open and closes as you wish. I find this packaging much more secure than the first palette as when travelling it is ideal when it’s being thrown around in my suitcase or bag.


I find the colours in this palette rather varied as it goes from lighter colours, to browny/greys and then pinks. Again, majority of the colours are shimmers in this palette. ‘Half Baked‘ is also in this palette and in Naked, I would have liked to have seen a different colour replace this so it makes it a bit more unique from the first palette. I mostly wear ‘Chopper’ with ‘Tease‘ in the crease and also ‘YDK‘ with ‘Busted‘ in the crease. ‘Snakebite‘ and ‘Suspect‘ are colours I usually wear on a night out. ‘Bootycall‘ is also great for using under your brow bone or lightening your eyes. If you want a soft black eyeliner then ‘Blackout‘ is great to use.


This palette is my favourite out of the whole Naked range as I find it so flexible and great to use. Compared to my Naked palette I wear Naked 2 more often on a daily basis but they’re both my go-to’s on a daily basis.


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