Real Techniques Berlin Brushes

I recently got the  Real Techniques Berlin Brush set for Christmas from Superdrug. At £20 you’re a fool not to put them in your basket. Normally the average brush costs around £10 so to get a set of five for the price of two is amazing value for money.


I have been looking for a while at purchasing more face brushes from the Real Techniques brand but never got round to doing so, but as Christmas was approaching fast I thought it would be perfect timing to ask for some. The brush set includes a stippling brush, buffing brush, contour brush, deluxe crease brush and a base shadow brush.


The stippling and buffing brush allows me to have time away from my trusty expert face brush and buffing brush from the core collection, which I use till their death on a daily basis. The set including contouring brushes is very handy as I only own one brush from their contour collection which I use for my bronzer, so I look forward to playing around with them more.


The pattern on the brushes is a favourite of mine as they stand out from the rest of the Real Techniques collections that I own and make them original. I’d love to see more of the brush collections they bring out have a similar style to these.

You can always rely on Sam and Nic to bring out the very best, affordable and trusty Real Technique brushes!


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