Justin Bieber // Purpose Tour

Last week Charlotte and I went to see Justin Bieber at the O2 Arena for his Purpose tour. Charlotte managed to get us tickets in the VIP John Lewis box and this was a new experience for us as we had only sat in the standard seats any time we have previously gone to a concert there before.

Part of me wishes I saw Bieber when I was I was younger as I love his old music but seeing this album live was great as it has been a favourite of mine for the past year.




Bieber’s setlist was one of the best that I’ve seen as he included new hits as well as old favourites such as “Baby” and “Boyfriend”. Being in an arena with Bieber, I expected young screaming girls like when at a One Direction or a 5 Seconds of Summer concert but it was nice to see the audience mellow with Justin.

The set included boxes, platforms and even a giant trampoline over the audience (how that passed health and safety I do not know).




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