Embroidered Skirt Outfit

For my birthday I wanted to buy something new and nice to wear out for the occasion. I opted for a skirt as a I was struggling to find a dress I liked and thought that I could put any top with a skirt and make it as dressy or casual as I want.

After endless searching I managed to find this embroidered floral pattern skirt on New Look in the Generation section. The skirt is in an a-line style which I love wearing as it is a tight fit without being a bodycon skirt.


I purchased the skirt with a 20% student discount reduced from its original price making it total to £17.38 with delivery charge.

The skirt comes in both the teenage section and the adults section which is perfect for me as I struggle with New Look sizing in terms of skirts as they are always too big for me around the waist. For them to do the same skirt in both sections is very rare and something they should certainly so more often.

The embroidered pattern features a variety of colours such as white, blue, pink, yellow, green and orange which makes it so easy to put with any colour top of these colours as it is certain to go.


I chose to wear this skirt with a pair of black tights, a black roll neck top and a pair of black loafers. I also think this would look great with black heeled boots. This skirt can be jazzed up for a night out by making it the centre piece and wearing a black halter top with heels.

Round of applause for the New Look teens section rocking my wardrobe yet again!

Embroidered Skirt Womens
Embroidered Skirt Teens
Black Roll Neck – New Look
Loafers – New Look


14 thoughts on “Embroidered Skirt Outfit

  1. I am obsessed with anything embroided at the minute, this skirt is so stunning.. love how you styled it! Your posts are always so lovely, keep doing what you do pretty lady! x



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