Urban Decay’s Naked Palette

Back when I visited America last year, I finally managed to get my hands on Urban Decay’s ‘Naked Palette’. Buying this palette had always been a dream of mine and when walking into Sephora and seeing it on the shelf, it was impossible not to put it in my basket to take home.


The packaging on the palette is a brown velvet which is not very convenient in my opinion as its so easy to spill things such as foundation on it and stain it. The lid closes down on it magnetically which I also find a bit of a pain as it is not as secure as the other palettes in the Naked range. Despite this, the overall look is rather pretty.


The shades in this palette are mostly browny with some pinks and golds. Majority of the colours are actually shimmers rather than matte’s but as a person who doesn’t particularly like shimmers, it certainly brought me out of my comfort zone and now I’m obsessed with them. My favourite combination of colours from this palette are ‘Toasted‘ over the lid with ‘Hustle‘ in the crease and ‘Half Baked‘ with ‘Smog‘ in the crease. The two matte shades ‘Naked‘ and ‘Buck‘ are great to use in the crease combined with any shade. Sidecart‘ is also a favourite of mine.


I struggle to use ‘Gunmetal‘ and ‘Creep‘ for my eyeshadow but they can actually come quite handy when applied with a small brush to create a soft eyeliner look.

Overall this palette is one of my favourites that I own and one that I grab on an every-day basis.


What do you think of Urban Decay’s Naked Palette?




2 thoughts on “Urban Decay’s Naked Palette

  1. I want to collect them so badly but one of my best friends said they’re over rated af and not worth the amount she payed for them😩😩 I mean she can feel free to hand them over😂


    1. I think they’re worth the money but I’d say only pick one based on the colours you like if you feel that way, I totally prefer Naked 2 if I’m honest and didn’t even bother buying Naked 3 as it so wasn’t the right colours for me

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